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Talent Management​

We recognize that the greatest and most valuable asset that an organization can have is people. The continued ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain this asset ensures continued business prosperity. Our investment in human capital is center around; performance management, HR audit, Talent acquisition, Leadership and organization development and Change management

HR Analytics

Kraft Boron aid organizations make Better Decisions based on data insights.   Data has become an essential tool for HR  to analyze in order for them to improve performance,  predict skills demand and positions, and help identify attrition and its causes.  We help businesses optimize their core processes by identifying data patterns and implementing actionable


Focus Areas; 

  • Cost of attrition and predictive modeling

  • HR scorecard design and KPI selection

  • ​Engagement analysis

Process Optimization

An underperforming HR function can have a ripple effect across the business. Whether the challenges involve recruiting, development quality of talent, technology issues or inefficient employee management process, a true path for improvement can be difficult to determine. Given the extensive experience of our team, we are able to offer; best practice assessment, HR process management and ISO standards audit.

Change Management

Organizations that exercise change management can achieve vital goals such as fuelling growth,  boosting shareholder returns, and driving innovation.

We strive to ensure that we will; 

  • Assess your current state and develop a vision for what a bright future of look like

  • Define adoption metrics and track adoption over the Project Life Cycle

  • Create a trailer and work plan on how our consultants can work with your team to ensure change management

  • Execute the plan together and measure success nu-line assessed manage resistance and achieve your desired outcomes

  • Build your individual and organizational change capabilities through,  knowledge transfer,  role modelling and coaching.


Our investment in human capital is centered around; performance management, HR audit, Talent acquisition, Leadership, and organizational development

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