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Kraft Boron is a leading industrial, financial advisory, and management consultancy firm. Engaged in multi-faceted projects across the African continent.


Inspired by our African footprint, we are looking to reshape the market in both principle and process by advancing the African economy through our use of best-in-class technologies, skills, and practices. We are committed to helping businesses adapt to this rapidly changing world to improve their performance and operations.


Kraft Boron works with businesses, investors, and the public sector to find practical solutions to their challenges and take advantage of opportunities that arise. We help our clients to not only remain relevant in this rapidly changing world but also prepare them for the future by leveraging new technologies and emerging trends to deliver smart solutions to their customers.

Our diverse team brings deep industry experience and data-driven insights to deliver sustainable growth and long-term value to our clients.


Our goal is to transform Africa through leadership by consulting for businesses to help them develop sustainable solutions to some of the most challenging problems we see in the continent today.

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