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Industrial Consulting

Our industrial consultants audit, advise and give recommendations on issues such as plant design, bottling line installations, solar PV installations, machine and plant safety processes, and petrol station maintenance among other services.

Commercial & Market Due Diligence

We analyze the attractiveness and sustainability of a company's business model, evaluate future cash flows and financial forecasts, and indicate potential risks to reduce information asymmetries.

Market Insights

Our team uses our ready-to-use and state-of-the-art analytical tools to help our clients understand where they stand relative to the competition, customer satisfaction, competitive advantages to exploit, and steps to take to close gaps that exist.


Kraft Boron uses best-in-class analytic engines and deep industry experience to drill down your core business data and re-analyze the market for your strategic advantage.


We employ a multi-faceted optimization process to revamp all corporate operations in order to improve the performance of all aspects that support the organization's structure including organization design, governance, roles and responsibilities, and employee performance.


We develop strategic plans to drive deep rooted corporate change and help companies achieve their growth and transformative objectives.

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